Created an integration for WooCommerce that allowed customers to sign up to newsletters as they checkout with their purchase.

MailPoet just finished version 2 of their newsletter WordPress plugin and wanted to expand their user base to one of the most powerful and popular e-commerce WordPress plugins, WooCommerce.

MailPoet had created a simple API that would allow 3rd party services to sign up users to set newsletters setup on a WordPress site. WooCommerce was the perfect testing platform for them.

With both plugins being open-source the integration was easy to accomplish.

The integration required a few options one main being which newsletters the customers will be subscribing too.

Once the integration is setup, customers will then have the option to sign up to the newsletter at checkout. If a returning customer and has already signed up, the option to sign up again does not show.

The integration became a hit once launched and reached over 8000 active installs. MailPoet 3 now has this integration built in.