Scripts and Tools

These are scripts and tools I have developed for personal preferences or needs. They are open source and free to use.

WP Admin Feedback Modal

The WP Admin Feedback Modal is a class for asking the user for feedback and providing the user with a solution based on the users selection.

Feedback Modal Opened
This is an example of the feedback modal that opens when a user deactivates the plugin.

Download Counter

This script is a replica of the download counter. I created it just for fun to monitor my plugin download progress on my other monitor. When ever someone downloads the plugin, the counter updates.

? I also added Dark Mode support.

Displays a counter of downloads for plugin CoCart

CoBlocks Show Me

Shows were the action hooks are available throughout the CoBlocks theme.

GitHub to Deployment Script

A simple deploy script to push any branch from your GitHub repository to your plugin SVN for a new release.