October 2019 to November 2019 – Web Developer for Pragmatic

I was tasked to create a MVP WordPress plugin that supported both the Classic Editor and the Block Editor to show a proof of concept for a client of theirs within a short window. It ended up being a full complete plugin and came out better than expected.

The plugin provides web monetization to makes it easy for you to get paid instantly while Coil Members browse your content.

We brought Sébastien in to work on a contract basis on a WordPress plugin project for us, due to his extensive experience in this area. My experience of working with Seb has been fantastic. He quickly came to understand the requirements and specific challenges of our project, and the particular priorities for us in terms of delivery timescales. He worked on a proof of concept, testing out key areas of technical complexity, but the plugin code he developed ended up being much closer to the fully fledged product than we’d been anticipating. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Sébastien to anyone for any WordPress development projects, and hope to work with him myself again in the future.

Gareth Jenkins
Senior Product Owner at Pragmatic, the UK’s leading Enterprise WordPress agency
November 27, 2019, Gareth managed Sébastien directly

I found Seb after following his contributions to the WordPress community. I was impressed with his commitment to a variety of projects, and passion for enhancing WordPress. Seb joined Pragmatic to work on a MVP for a plugin. We were impressed with how quickly Seb on-boarded and started solving some of the tricky challenges we faced. Seb was committed and always showed fast progress. Seb showed strong problem solving and development skills, and was able to work in a self-contained manner, leading his own work. We were able to get a finished proof of concept, that was well tested completed in a very quick time frame. This was a fantastic win for the agency and our client. Seb is a very useful person to call on, and I’m sure we’ll engage with him again!

Tom Chute
People Operations Director at Pragmatic Web Ltd
November 14, 2019, Tom was a client of Sébastien’s

October 2018 to September 2019 – Experimenting Period

During this time I had experimented product ideas for WordPress. By September I started selling my first WordPress plugin called CoCart. A REST API designed to manage the frontend of WooCommerce.

January 2016 to March 2016 – Web Designer and WordPress Developer for Rémy

I designed and developed a custom WordPress child-theme for Twenty Sixteen with an easy to use frontend form to add/edit a meal which creates the product within WooCommerce.

Only approved Cooks are allowed to sell meals to the local community. Set their own prices and the portions that they can provide the invited customers who can order.

The site is based upon invite only. Cooks go through an interview process before an account is given to them in order to add meals to sell.

April 2015 – WordPress Developer for Koreaboo

My responsibilities were to develop a plugin to allow another post to load once the user has reached the end of the initial post allowing them to keep reading as they scroll down the page without needing to go back and select another post to read. At the end of each post, a selection of YouTube videos would also appear based on the post they just read.

March 2015 to October 2018 – WordPress Contractor at

My responsibilities varied per task. Mostly site installs and custom plugin development. One job I was proud to work on was my first design and development for a food neighbor hood ordering service called Rémy. Details are above.

June 2011 to August 2012Arrow Root Media

Responsibilities varied per task. Mostly converted designs to code from PSD’s to HTML and did bug fixing.

2007 to 2014 – Freelanced, mostly as a WordPress developer

I developed custom plugins for clients such as:

  • A range of extensions for WooCommerce, bbPress, Gravity Forms, Paid Memberships Pro and Jigoshop to allow customers to subscribe to a MailPoet newsletter from their platform. – MailPoet
  • A Stella currency payment gateway for WooCommerce. – Prospress
  • The first auction extension for WooCommerce to allow customers to place bids on items online while competing against those at auction houses.

During these years I also learned more about web development, open-source and made contributions with a few open-source projects of my own to build a portfolio. I also developed simple extensions both for WooCommerce and Jigoshop and put up the Jigoshop extensions for sale via their website.

2005 to 2007 – Web Developer for Ma Maison Mi Casa

I created an advertising website for a client to list properties for sale like Craiglist. This was the second site I developed while learning on the go. I learned CSS, PHP and JS at the beginners level.

2003 to 2004 – Web Developer for Delicious Dips LTD

I created an e-commerce website for an indie company selling mixed powdered dips of 13 flavours using only Microsoft Frontpage 2003 all in HTML with a few pages developed in ASP for checkout. Very little CSS as it was mostly generated automatically by the program. I maintained it for one year. No previous experience building a website.


Everything I have done with Web Development or Design I have taught myself. I do not have any degrees.

Tools and Technologies I Know

  • CSS
  • ES-Lint
  • Git
  • Grunt
  • HTML
  • jQuery
  • MySQL
  • Node
  • PHP
  • React
  • SCSS