CoCart, a.k.a Cart REST API for WooCommerce


CoCart is the missing option to making a headless WooCommerce store via the REST API. The idea came after reading in forums, issue reports and comments on blogs asking to manage the cart via the REST API and no one had decided to make one available. So I built it. Fully customizable for the developers needs.

Auto Load Next Post

Increase the page-views on your WordPress site as readers continue reading posts infinitely scrolling down the page.


Handle REST-API requests from or to your WordPress site using jQuery. This is currently a work in progress but works well so far.

Past Projects

Users by Date Registered

This simple plugin adds a new column to the users table displaying the date the user registered and allows you to filter the users by date. It’s basically a missing feature in the core of WordPress.

Attachment Slugs

WordPress does not provide friendly permalinks for attachments so this simple plugin will allow you to enable that. Once installed, attachments can have their own permalink structure. This makes the URLs more friendly and great for SEO results should you decide to index your attachments.

As a bonus, you can also edit the permalink slug of an individual attachment. Changing the attachment title does not update the permalink slug so this handy to have should you want to rename the URL for the attachment.