I’m looking for work 🙂

I am looking for a position as a WordPress front-end or back-end developer role, part-time or full-time and remote. If you have an opening please get in touch. I am open to new projects and collaborations. I’d love to hear from you! Thank you.

Not all of my plugin experiments are succesful but these plugins in particular seem to be doing alright. They are free to use. My most recent contribution is the Gutenberg Prototype.

Attachment Slugs for WordPress

Enables you to add permalink support for media attachments making the attachment URLs more friendly and great for SEO results.

Gutenberg Prototype

Run beta or release candidate versions of Gutenberg from GitHub. This is perfect for developers building blocks for the new WordPress editor.

Users by Date Registered

This simple plugin allows you to filter your users by date registered and a new column is added to the users table displaying the date the user registered on your site.