Not all of my plugin experiments are succesful but these plugins in particular seem to be doing alright. They are free to use. My most recent contribution is the Gutenberg Prototype.

Attachment Slugs for WordPress

Enables you to add permalink support for media attachments making the attachment URLs more friendly and great for SEO results.

Block Uploading Images for WP Offload Media

This plugin stops only images from uploading directly to your Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces or Google Cloud Storage by filtering WP Offload Media. All other media continues to upload.

This is great for those who are wanting better SEO image search results as the images will be loading from your site and not from your CDN of choice.

CoBlocks Show Me

Shows were the action hooks are available thoughout the CoBlocks theme.

Gutenberg Prototype

Run beta or release candidate versions of Gutenberg from GitHub. This is perfect for developers building blocks for the new WordPress editor.

An extremely simple plugin that just adds a link to the plugins management page in the admin’s site toolbar menu, creating a nice little shortcut when your on the front-end of your site.

Users by Date Registered

This simple plugin allows you to filter your users by date registered and a new column is added to the users table displaying the date the user registered on your site.