This is a now page, inspired by Rich Tabor – a nearly-always updated page of what I’m up to these days.

Last updated: 21st November 2019

What I’m doing right now

Right now I am working on CoCart, a frontend REST API for WooCommerce.

A premium extension for CoCart is also available that completes the cart features and provides support for WooCommerce Subscriptions. CoCart Lite is the core structure of the REST API and is constantly improving.

What I plan on doing next

I plan to add more support for other WooCommerce extensions in CoCart Pro and I have a public roadmap showing what I am working on and what could or will be in development next.

I am also hoping to build a suite of Gutenberg blocks in the future. I have a whole list of block ideas which you can view on my ideas board. You can submit a new block if not already listed.

Recent contributions

I wrote a simple plugin to show the locations of action hooks placed within the CoBlocks theme – called it CoBlocks Show Me.

I also wrote my first Gutenberg block. It’s called Double Image – which allows you to add two images side by side with optional overlay text. Change the text overlay position, the text colour, the background opacity and colour, set the background image fixed for a parallax effect. You can also set the alignment to Wide Width, Full width or Center.

What I currently use

I currently use Visual Studio Code by Microsoft for my coding needs. Before that I used Atom but recently I found it to be heavy after long use so I haven’t used anything else since.

You can find a list of other things I am using.