I’m looking for work 🙂

I am looking for a position as a WordPress front-end or back-end developer role, part-time or full-time and remote. If you have an opening please get in touch. I am open to new projects and collaborations. I’d love to hear from you! Thank you.

This is a now page, inspired by Rich Tabor – a nearly-always updated page of what I’m up to these days.

What I’m doing right now

Right now I am working on two projects. Auto Load Next Post is the first, a WordPress plugin developed to increase your pageviews by engaging the site viewers to keep reading your content rather than increasing your bounce rate.

Currently, a free version is available which I am improving regularly. I’m close to finishing the Pro version which will provide more features and improved Javascript to support themes much better and the additional features.

Support is currently being added to the core of Auto Load Next Post to support integrations and extensions. A new modern site design and improved documentation is also in the works.

The second project is CoCart, a REST API designed for WooCommerce. Accessing the cart via the REST API was highly requested by mobile and app developers and was missing from the core of WooCommerce. So I built it and so far has been well received.

What I plan on doing next

I plan to develop extensions for Auto Load Next Post as it progresses and get them released asap. I want to also produce videos relatively soon to help users on how to use and customize Auto Load Next Post.

I am also hoping to build more Gutenberg blocks. Currently writing down ideas.

Recent contributions

I wrote a simple plugin to show the locations of action hooks placed within the CoBlocks theme – called it CoBlocks Show Me.

I also wrote my first Gutenberg block. It took two weeks to develop. The first week was understanding the Gutenberg components, controls and learn the basics of the JavaScript language React. The second week was the development of the block.

It’s called Double Image – which allows you to add two images side by side with optional overlay text. Change the text overlay position, the text colour, the background opacity and set the block to a fixed background for a paralex effect. You can also set the alignment to Wide Width, Full width or Center.

What I currently use

I currently use Visual Studio Code by Microsoft for my coding needs. Before that I used Atom but recently I found it to be heavy after long use so I haven’t used anything else since.

You can find a list of other things I am using.