Gutenberg Community on Slack

With the new WordPress editor taken by storm, more and more developers and users are getting to know and love Gutenberg. The only down side is that there is no open community that will allow both developers and users to find each other in relation to Gutenberg.

Sure there is Twitter etc but not really the best way to have a group conversation by subject. Slack however, is a great communication tool and everybody should know Slack by now so why not use it to build a community for Gutenberg.

As part of the BlockSuite project I am working on, I thought it was the perfect opportunity and one I feel that is needed for both developers and users to work together in making Gutenberg great.

It’s also the pefect place to share and learn from one another. So i’m delighted to let you know this week I created a new Slack channel for this very purpose.

There are channels for discussing block ideas, a place for developers and testers when needed to test out new blocks developed, job postings for blocks to be made, meetups, news on Gutenberg changes or popular blocks updated. Showcase sites you have made using Gutenberg or just the blocks you have created and more.

To join simply press the button and you will be directed to enter your e-mail address to get your invite.

I look forward to the community growing and see you there.

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