About, well… me

Hello. My name is Sébastien Dumont and I am a self-taught web developer focused on PHP and JavaScript. I have always had a knack for programming. I built my first website when I was 13 using Microsoft Frontpage.

I found out about WordPress when version 2 was released and haven’t used anything else since. WordPress has made me a better developer in learning each of the basic languages (CSS, HTML, jQuery, PHP) required to make a website great and control data.

Recently I learned the basics of React so that I could develop my first Gutenberg block for the new Gutenberg editor for WordPress version 5.


  • I’m passionate about good clean code.
  • I like to work in my own time to get tasks done with out the stress of a 9 to 5 schedule.
  • My timezone is CEST
  • Communication is key when working together. Either via Email, Twitter, Slack or Skype.

Work environment

I work both on a Mini Mac and HP Laptop. This allows me to work on either system for development and testing.

I use Firefox as my main browser, but use Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer for testing purposes.

Stuff you should know about me

  • I ask a lot a questions. Questions you may not have thought about when discussing your project.
  • I’m always learning as the Web or WordPress evolves.
  • Most of my project experiments become Open Source.
  • I have attended 2 WordCamps so far. My first was WordCamp Europe 2015 and my second, WordCamp Paris 2016.

Want to get in touch?