About, well… me

Hello. My name is Sébastien Dumont and I am a self-taught web developer focused on PHP and JavaScript. I have always had a knack for programming. I built my first website when I was 13 years old using Microsoft Frontpage.

Good times. ?

I found out about WordPress when version 2 was released and haven’t used anything else since. WordPress has made me a better developer in learning each of the basic languages (CSS, HTML, jQuery, PHP) required to make a website great and control data.

This year I have learned the basics of React so that I could develop my first Gutenberg block for the new Gutenberg editor in WordPress version 5. Still learning React as I have a whole list of block ideas for a future project called Block Suite.

I have also learned SASS and Grunt ? more to help further my developments quicker and easier to manage changes, run tests and compile builds.

I love keeping up-to-date with the latest practices and tools and I’m constantly tweaking and improving the way that I work. I am always curious and excited to learn new things. ?

What I love most is working on solutions, making something unique and helpful not just for myself but to the WordPress community. In fact two of my free WordPress plugins are one of a kind ? that extend the core abilities of WordPress. Both have ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ star reviews. ?

One of the projects I have done this year is to extend WooCommerce’s REST API capabilities. It’s called CoCart which allows you to manage the shopping cart and I just released CoCart Pro to unlock the full package. ? More features are currently in development as you are reading this.

? Mind blown yet?


  • I’m passionate about good clean code.
  • I work in my own time to get tasks done with out the stress of a 9 to 5 schedule unless there are meetings to attend.
  • I communicate either via Email, Twitter, Slack, Skype or Zoom.

Work environment

I work both on a Mini Mac and HP Laptop. This allows me to work on either system for development and testing.

I use Firefox as my main browser, but use Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer for testing purposes.

Stuff you should know about me

  • I ask a lot a questions. Questions you may not have thought about when discussing a project.
  • Most of my project experiments become Open Source.
  • I have attended 2 WordCamps so far and would like to attend more. My first was WordCamp Europe 2015 and my second was WordCamp Paris 2016.

? Want to get in touch?