A sweet project is coming

A new year is just hours away and I have already been planning for a new project that I will be starting soon. Now that WordPress 5.0 is out and Gutenberg is starting to take off I wanted to build a new set of blocks or should I say suite of blocks.

The project is called Block Suite and on the Block Suite site I have shared information on how the project is going to proceed and how you can participate in this project. I am hoping it will go well as I know a lot of people are looking for something new or simply don’t know yet how to build blocks of their own for Gutenberg.

This will be my first project that will be designed and developed with the help of the WordPress community. There are many blocks available but so far the majority of them provide the same thing, only styled differently.


A few weeks ago, designer and developer Rich Tabor won the Automattic design award for his Gutenberg project “Block Gallery” allowing you to create galleries, and then switch quickly between gallery types, such as masonry, offset, stacked, carousel, etc.

Block Gallery from Rich Tabor.

I too was impressed with the amount of work and effort he put in for the user experience. He has certainly set the bar high with what you can do with Gutenberg.

Not all blocks available on the WordPress plugin directory are done well like this so far. It is a great example on how everyone should be proceeding when designing their own blocks.

This type of user experience is a positive one, and should be encouraged.

That’s not to say other blocks wont improve over time. The majority of blocks so far are blocks that were developed while the Gutenberg was still in phase one of it’s development.

A lot was changing before WP5 was released and caused blocks to break. This was one of the reasons I developed Gutenberg Prototype so developers would always have the latest version of Gutenberg available before public release.

Preparing for the project

This month I have been learning more about Gutenberg and it’s components for the project. The list of blocks and extensions I have set out to build is a suite collection that will be of the highest quality.

Learning and experimenting with the components has been my priority before this project starts and I still have more to do.

I look forward to sharing more on Block Suite as it develops but for now…

Happy New Year!

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